EL JADIDA (Morocco) – Monday, 23 May 2022 (APS) – Algerian wrestlers have won 48 medals (14 gold, 25 silver and 9 bronze) at the African championships (cadets, juniors, seniors) featuring both men and women athletes, and which wrapped up Sunday evening at El Jadida, Morocco.

The sixth day of the African sporting event, devoted to freestyle wrestling (men and women), was prolific for the Algerians who grabbed seven medals, including four gold.

The four gold medals were snatched by Akherbache Abdelhak (61 kg), Fetairia Chemseddine (79 kg), Benferdjallah Fateh (86 kg) and Fardj Mohamed.

In the previous edition of the African championships, held from 4-9 February 2020 in Mohamed-Boudiaf Olympic Complex of Algiers, Algeria won 75 medals (22 gold, 30 silver and 23 bronze).