ALGIERS – Tuesday, 19 December 2023 (APS) – The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune finishes his four-year term, which was undoubtedly unique and completely different from those of his predecessors. He has imposed his style.

If there is a consensus around one aspect, it is President Tebboune’s communication.

Millions of Algerians are impressed by his appealing spontaneity and nature. He has broken all the codes. With a clever mix of ethics, morals, simplicity, determination and leadership, he has managed to bring the Algerians together around his project to build a New Algeria.

President Tebboune, who has pushed the boundaries, has decided to establish an annual address that he will deliver before both Houses of Parliament.

From now on, starting at the end of 2023, the President of the Republic will comply with this constitutional prerogative, called “Address on state of the Nation”.

This address, which is to be delivered annually before the parliamentarians, will provide an opportunity for the President of the Republic to present the closing year’s achievements.

Moreover, the address will focus on the country’s political, economic, and social situation, in addition to its foreign policy and prospects for the following year.

Exceptionally, the President of the Republic’s address for this year carries a special significance as it will provide an overview of his four-year term.