ALGIERS – Saturday, 19 August 2023 (APS) – President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, said on Saturday that thanks to its children, Algeria was continuing to make progress in various fields.


“At this time, when all of us are working to build a new Algeria, we have confidence in the nation’s assets, which strengthen our determination to achieve, through the combined efforts of all of us, the new Algeria,” President Tebboune said in a message sent on the eve of the celebration of National Mujahid Day, which commemorates the double anniversary of the North Constantinois Offensive and the Soummam Congress (20 August 1955 and 1956).

“These are strengths that contribute to strengthening the social gains we have achieved in preserving the dignity of our citizens, and thanks to which our country is making giant strides in widening our strategic partnerships worldwide in order to instil an economic dynamic that attracts investment, and to confirm Algeria’s strong presence and influence at both regional and international level,” said the President.

President Tebboune highlighted, on the occasion of the commemoration of this double anniversary, “the feeling of pride in belonging to a homeland strengthened by the sacrifices of its Shuhadas who bequeathed to generations, loyalty to the principles of the ageless November Declaration and to the virtues enshrining national conscience, calling on them to be jealous of this country which fought so hard to free itself from the colonial yoke… A country that recovered its freedom at the cost of dear and sacred blood.”