ALGIERS – Sunday, 10 December 2023 (APS) – The second International Heritage Film Days opened Saturday in Algiers, with the participation of 14 movies from ten Arab countries, including Palestine, the guest of honour.

The minister of Culture and Arts, Soraya Mouloudji, in an address read on her behalf by the director general of the National Film and Audiovisual Center, Mourad Chouihi, said the cultural event “combines between the seventh art and the cultural heritage, monuments, and the popular traditions and customs, with the participation of artists from Algeria and abroad, and the support of the ministry (of Culture).”

She added that the event “is an opportunity to strengthen and promote our varied cultural heritage worldwide,” adding that the ministry “will accompany the activities and initiatives relating to the heritage and cultural legacy.”

The event’s manager, Tarek Salhi, said the film days, organised by the Algerian Organisation of Heritage, Tourism and Craft Industry, in coordination with the National Film and Audiovisual Centre, under the theme “Heritage, an Economic and Tourist Driver,” would feature 14 movies representing ten countries, including Algeria, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

In addition, five workshops will be held for students and film industry lovers as part of the second International Heritage Film Days.