ALGIERS – Sunday, 15 October 2023 (APS) – The 12th Algerian-Vietnamese Joint Committee will run from 16 to 18 October in Hanoi, Vietnam, the Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production said Sunday in a statement.

Chaired, on the Algerian side, by the Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Ali Aoun, and on the Vietnamese side, by the Minister of Construction, Nguyen Van Thang, the Committee will examine ways of strengthening bilateral ties between both countries, the statement said.

The meeting will provide an opportunity for both sides to evaluate the bilateral cooperation and examine new prospects of partnership and investment, aiming at infusing renewed vigor to bilateral ties.”

On the sidelines of the Joint Committee, the Minister will chair the works of the Algerian-Vietnamese Businessmen Forum.

The visit, which is part of “strengthening the cooperation between both friendly countries, particularly in trade,” will also be an opportunity “to conclude agreements of cooperation in several fields,” the same source said.